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Enhance your visitors' experience with MENUFI Guest App.

Everything your visitors need to know, all in one place.

Upgrade your customers’ experience with the MENUFI Guest App. Our software enhances the hospitality businesses’ concierge service with a personalized and multilingual guide that goes beyond the ordinary, without the need for downloading any application.



Customize the guide with your logo and colors that reflect your business's brand by choosing one of the available templates.

Local Attractions

Provide detailed information and directions to your visitors about the local attractions in your area, including Google maps and comprehensive information.

Events & Announcements

Post events, announcements, and other information, ensuring that your guests have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips and reduce paper printing.

Services & Activities

Keep your guests informed about all the activities and services available at your hotel, or about services provided by your partners such as massages, boat trips, excursions, etc.

Save time

Liberate your receptionists from the burden of explaining every detail to your guests.

Promotion and advertising

Effectively promote your products and services or those of your partners. Utilize available advertising space with banners featuring photos or videos.

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Online Bookings

The MENUFI digital concierge allows you to accept bookings from your customers for your services or for services provided by your partners. Increase upselling during your guests’ stay and maximize your profits.


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Make the right decisions with valuable insights into your guests’ preferences and behaviors. You can have a complete picture of daily visits and detailed clicks within the page.

Customer Reviews

The MENUFI Digital Concierge review tool allows your customers to anonymously evaluate your services or send you a message with disclosure only to you. At the same time, it directs positive reviews to platforms of your choice, such as Google and Trip Advisor.

Chat links

Use chat links to give your customers the ability for direct communication with you via WhatsApp, Messenger, or Viber.

Restaurant's menu

Display your restaurant menu with photos and detailed descriptions. Make immediate changes and promote daily specials easily and quickly.

Easy access via QR code

Provide your customers with the ability to easily access all this information on their mobile devices by simply scanning a QR code.

Easy management

Easy and immediate changes or additions from anywhere with the menu creator management program.

MENUFI Info Kiosk

The Menufi Info Kiosk represents the most innovative solution to provide your customers with a unique informational experience in a multilingual environment. Additionally, hotels adopting the Menufi Info Kiosk gain a range of benefits and conveniences that significantly improve communication with their customers, as well as the promotion of products and services.


Whatever type of business you have, MENUFI Guest App adapts to your needs and becomes your invaluable assistant, saving you time, increasing your revenue, and enhancing the experience of your guests.

We created the MENUFI Guest App by studying the global trends shaping the hospitality industry and collaborating with professionals in the field. Contact us to schedule a call  for a detailed presentation. Do you have any request or idea? We are happy to here it!