Restaurants & Cafes

Upgrade your restaurant's experience.

Create a modern digital QR menu for your business.

MENUFI provides all the tools you need to effectively showcase and promote your products.

Accesing the menu

By touchscreen / tablet

By scanning a QR Code

By connecting to the WiFi

Menu features

Multilingual support

Show your menu to your customers in their own language. The automatic translation tool with the ability for manual corrections will help you make accurate translations.


Customize the appearance of the menu to match your business's brand. Choose the template that suits you.

Promote events

Promote events and other information on the main page of your menu.

Social media links & general information

Promote your social media pages and all general information about your business.

Advertising spaces

Utilize the advertising spaces in your menu to promote your products or advertise your suppliers.

Product photos

Present your dishes with high-quality images.

Creating combinations and suggestions

Recommend the appropriate wine to accompany a main dish.

Detailed descriptions

Describe the ingredients or mention any allergens.

Chat links

Allow your customers to communicate with you directly via WhatsApp, Viber, or Messenger.

Customer reviews

Service evaluation

Customers can anonymously evaluate your services. The evaluation is only disclosed to you.

Utilizing positive reviews

In a positive rating, encourage the customer to leave their review on the platform we suggest (e.g., Google).

Send message

The customer has the option to send an anonymous message, shared only with you, with the ability for you to respond.

Request an online presentation.


Our modern and stylish screens redefine the way restaurants interact with their customers.


Seamless navigation and immediacy

With a touch, guests can explore a rich visual representation of your delicious dishes and view the menu in their language.


When idle, they display a slideshow of photos or videos, enticing customers to explore your menu.

An unique promotional tool

You can easily and immediately showcase exclusive offers, discounts, and events through the management program.


Make right decisions with valuable insights into your customers’ preferences and behaviors. You can have a complete picture of daily visits and clicks within the menu.

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