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Upgrade your restaurant experience with menufi's digital tools.

MENUFI  is a modern, user-friendly online menu with all the tools you need to showcase your products to your customers. With menu creator app you can easily and immediately make changes and additions without any extra costs.

By scanning a QR Code

Via touchscreen / tablet

By connecting to WiFi


The menu can be accessed in three different ways.

Managing your menu

With menuCreator you can easily and quickly make unlimited changes and additions. In addition, it includes useful tools to help you make your menu attractive and unique!

Special Dishes:

highlight your special dishes or drinks


inform your customers about upcoming events


showcase your products by adding beautiful photos

Detailed descriptions:

describe the ingredients, mention any allergens, highlight the uniqueness of your products

Create combinations and suggestions:

recommend a wine to accompany a dish

Multilingual support:

Use the automatic translator and make your menu

Five available layouts:

Choose the right one for your business


Embed third party advertisements and earn extra money

Rating App

The built-in ratings app in your menu:

  • gives the customer the possibility to anonymously evaluate your services through the menu
  • prompts the customer who gave a good review to do the same on other platforms like google
  • gives the unhappy customer the opportunity to explain to us what went wrong
  • gives the possibility to reply to a customer message

Discover the MENUFI touchscreen.

Alongside the qr menu, our elegant touchscreens are redefining the way restaurants interact with their customers, creating an interactive dining experience like no other.

Seamless navigation

Our touch screens feature a user-friendly design. With just one touch, guests can explore a rich visual display of your delectable dishes and see the menu in their language. Say goodbye to traditional menu stands and welcome the digital elegance of the Menufi touch screen


When idle, the touch screens come alive with a slideshow or video display of high-definition images of your dishes, catching the eye of passers-by, enticing customers to discover your menu.

Incomparable promotional tool

Our touch screens offer a powerful promotion platform. You can view exclusive offers, sales and events. With one touch, guests can learn about tempting offers, encouraging them to indulge further and upgrade their dining experience.

Stay ahead in a fast-moving and competitive industry by adopting modern tools that will increase your sales and reduce your expenses.

see the daily visits of the menu

embed social media links

promote new products on home screen banner

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